​May 2017 City Commons Club Schedule
City Commons Club meets in the historic Berkeley City Club at 2315 Durant Avenue; Berkeley . The building was designed by noted architect and BCC member Julia Morgan. For information about City Commons:www.citycommonsclub.org or call (510) 845-8055 or (510) 486-8168.Pre-meeting coffee, soft drinks, wine, and conversation from 11:20 in the Venetian Room. Lunch served from 11:45 to 12:15. Lunch is $20.00; coffee only is $1.00. Speaker begins at 12:30 and meeting adjourns at 1:30. Visitors are welcome: please call for lunch reservations by the Tuesday before the Friday meeting: Jane Barrett--(510) 845-8055 or e-mail to citycommonsclub@gmail.com.

May 12: James Barter’s focus over the years has centered on Classical history, archaeology, and languages, and he earlier has addressed us on ancient Etruscans, Romans and Greeks. He will talk this time about the Greek culture which made war on Troy (you’ve likely heard about, forgotten that!). The German amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann sent shockwaves around the world in 1876 when he excavated at Mycenae unearthing the legendary site of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, and the warriors who sailed across the Aegean to make war on Troy. 
May 19, : Join us for Jeff Robinson’s eighth nature presentation at the CCC. This talk will feature some photos, sounds, videos and comments about the landscapes, birds and animals of Chile and Antarctica. Jeff has travelled to over 40 countries on all continents and his photos appear on the internet and in travel magazines. When he is home, Jeff does volunteer work for wildlife at the California Condor Recovery Program, Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, Lindsay Wildlife Museum, and The Marine Mammal Center. For photographs and videos from other countries visit https://sites.google.com/site/photorobinson Antarctica is a continent of superlatives. In addition to having the highest elevations, Antarctica is also the coldest, windiest, and driest place on Earth. Two thirds of the Earth's fresh water is locked up as ice in Antarctica. It does not seem possible that birds and animals could live there, but they do 
May 26 : Myron Berkman, the “teachers’ teacher”,  has been involved in high school education for over 40 years. He will update us on Berkeley High School. From 1997-2012, Myron was an ESL and history teacher at Berkeley High. Starting in the 1970’s when he volunteered for the Peace Corps and taught in Thailand, he has been teaching high school students and doing teacher training locally and nationally. From 1997-2012, Myron has given presentations all over California on how best to teach refugee youth. He is the author of Our Lives, a writing book for newly arrived immigrants. 

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