Since 1910, the City Commons Club has presented thousands of distinguished speakers who have 
covered a wide range of topics. The following are a selection of those who have appeared in the last 
several years.  For a more complete listing covering past years, click the link at the right:

-- Dr. Robert Birgeneau, Chancellor, UC-Berkeley: "What's Happening At UCB Today?"

-- Eric M. Klinenberg, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, New York University:
             "Going Solo: The Extraorindary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone"

-- David Ratner, former Chief Counsel, Securities Subcommittee, U.S. Senate Banking Committee: 
           "How Financial Markets Work"  -

-- The Honorable Julian Evans, British Consul General in S.F., "Afghanistan & Pakistan: For Better or Worse"

-- Prof. George Lakoff, Linguistics Professor, "Bringing Democracy to California: Ending Governance by Gridlock"

-- Jennifer Watts, PhD, State Water Resources Control Board, "Environmental Impacts of Fish Farming"

-- Robert David Tufft, M.D., Alta Bates Summit Hospital, Kaiser, John Muir Hospital, "Hyperbaric Medicine"

-- Ms. Anne M. McCune, Senior VP, Ingenix Consulting, "Some Important Impacts of Health Care Reform"

-- Mike Goldstein, Office of the General Counsel, UCB, "The Tree Dwellers of UC-Berkeley, The University's Perspective"

-- Dr. Susan Fisher: "Human Embryonic Stem Cells"

-- Tom Bates, Mayor, City of Berkeley, "Berkeley's Plans for the Future"

--Marian Diamond, PhD, Professor, Integrative Biology, UCB: "The Everlasting Gain In Biology"

-- Iftekhar A. Hai, Director, Interfaith Relations, United Muslims of America: "Muslim vs. Muslim"

-- Dae-Hyun Chung, PhD, Lawrence Livermore Labs Scientist: "Myths and Realities of Aging"

-- Arthur Reingold, PhD, Director of Public Health, UC Berkeley: "Challenges of Bioterrorism"

-- Dr. Don Gibbs, Professor Emeritus of Chinese, UC-Davis: "The Surprising China"

-- Benjamin Griffin, Editor, Mark Twain Program, Bancroft Library, UCB: "The Genius of Mark Twain"

-- Rosemary Mucklow, Exec Director, National Meat Association: "Making Meat Safe For Americans"

-- Amy Meyer, Activist and Civic Leader: "Guardians of the Golden Gate"

-- Frayda Bruton, Attorney at Law: "Elder Options"

-- Ian Mackinlay, FAIA, Architect: "Why The Twin Towers Fell"

-- Izaly Cemtsovski, PhD, Profesor of Slavic Studies, UCB: "Today's Music In Central Asia"

-- John Haslett, Expedition Leader and Author: "Voyage of the Manteno"

-- Christine A Hastorf, PhD, Professor of Anthropology, UCB: "Local Work & World Heritage"

-- Fran Packard, League of Women Voters: "Ballot Issues For The Next Election"

-- Robert David Tufft, M.D.: "Using Hyperbaric Medicine To Treat Difficult Conditions"

-- Dr. Kate van Orden, Professor of Music, UCB: "Court Ballet & Politics In 17th Century France"

-- Ms. Camille Minichino, Author: "Sisters In Crime--Who Will Murder Whom, and How?"

-- Ms. Regine Spector, Research Fellow, Institute For International Studies: "U.S.-Russian Relations"

-- Dr. Georgia Wright, Co-Director of The Limestone Sculpture Provenance Project: "Using Nuclear
      Science To Determine The Origin Of 'Missing' Medieval Stone Sculptures"

-- Charles Wollenberg, Chair, Social Sciences & Prof of History, Berkeley City College: "Berkeley, A City In History,"
  by Charles Wollenberg, published in January, 2008

-- Prof. Margaret Conkey, Anthropology Faculty, UC-Berkeley: "The Human Engagement With Art: Going Back
  to the Caves"

-- Dr. Harold Palmer Smith, Jr., Distinguished Visiting Scholar & Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy, UC-Berkeley:
  "Non-Proliferation: Comparison of Democrat vs Republican Positions"

-- Ms. Jill Tucker, Education Writer, San Francisco Chronicle: "East Palo Alto’s Amazing Eastside College Preparatory School"

-- Mr. George Williams, San Francisco Planning Department, Retired: “The Dramatic Evolving Skyline of San Francisco”

-- Richard C. Boly, National Security Affairs Fellow for 2008-09, Hoover Institution, Stanford: "Promoting Entrepreneurship 
   As U.S. Foreign Policy: Good For Business & Our Image"

-- Ms. Kim Polese, CEO, SpikeSource & Former Project Manager for JAVA Development: "Recent Developments In Computer Technology"

-- Sally Pipes, PhD, President & CEO, Pacific Research Institute: "The Top Myths of American Health Care"

-- Dr. Joel Parrott, Executive Director, Oakland Zoo: "The History and Future of the Oakland Zoo"

-- Bert Lubin, M.D., President & CEO, Children's Hospital & Research Center, Oakland: "Stem Cell Research Update"

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